Tosoff and AprilMovies Of Our Mind
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Saturday, December 17, 2016 12:54:59 AM
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 9:05:12 PM
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Cup 'A Tea
Indie RUUULES!!!
Indie Extravaganza
Mystery Radio
tHe gArAgE


Bryon Tosoff vocal, rhodes piano, roland synth patches, Fantom, Melody,lyrics

Steve April lyrics

when we dream, eyes closed, we see things. Strange things!!!

Wrote the lyrics, based on dreams one night, on a series of post-its, and sent them off to Bryon, who added to this...great fun...

Movies Of Our Mind

my eyes are closed, but i'm not blind
my stories told, with strange designs...
i jump off a cliff, i spin like a riff, i sink like a ship. conspires...

this life is our ode to the screen
we're foolish actors
in the movies, movies of our mind.

she's the queen of lies, queen of lies,
you're prisoner of the queen of lies.

wake up every day, forget everything we say,
who's that lady, the lady of the dawn
who's back do we walk upon?
who's behind, who's behind
the movies of our mind?
Song Comments

Cup 'A Tea
light, camera, action...

tHe gArAgE
kinda fun listen, story about life dreams and challenges , no expectations no disappointments is the thing.

eYe-engaging song from the always amazing mind of steve april who asked if bryon wanted to build it into a song. So it grew into something different then expected, with bryon's musical soundscaping and his unique storytelling vocals it evolved and become an experience, The song is based upon Steve's dreams, bryon reworked the idea into compressing what was given to him and developed a gritty rocker that is now up for download to radio. reach for the stars. do what you love love what you do.

Indie RUUULES!!!
fun, rockin', w catchy piano riffs and drivin' rhythms...

Mystery Radio
Miss Teary here everyone, just to let you know i am still working on this station, just added Super Girl and now Movies of our mind, a bit off the wall tune, which is actually our reality, because, nothing is REAL!!

Indie Extravaganza
I had no idea these guys were working together. Bryon, known mostly for his great keyboard work, puts on his cheap sunglasses and gets his 80's on singing this one. Steve wrote the lyrics, or more correctly, the lyrics wrote themselves from Steve's dreams. Great job you guys.

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