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Sunday, January 08, 2017 9:54:10 PM
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Sunday, March 19, 2017 3:44:26 AM
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Spring Is Springin'
Witt's Picks
TonyGirl's Favorites
RKR - Rhythm Kings Radio
The IMP Radio
Desperado Revue Vol. 2


You drive me crazy,
Take the wheel and you drive me up the wall,
You are my center,
You make my world spin after-all.

And I don't know if I can take it

You drive me wild,
You make the time go by so fast,
You write another chapter,
Make every moment better than the last,

And I don't know if I can take it,

Take me, take me in,
I've lost my mind,
Break down to begin,
To build me up again,

You make me jealous,
You give me comfort in myself,
You leave me wanting,
But you give me everything so well,
Song Comments

retro cool experimental indie folk pop groove got some tripping sounds, catchy vibe. eYe.

Spring Is Springin'
unfoldin' production values, multi-layered, or synchin' them, either way, kinda thematic in an endearin' way, neat harmnonies and bvs, and a trippy, happy/sad hurdy-gurdy vibe,kudos...

an aural tapestry, dense in places and light in places, better yet the hurdy gurdy carnival vibe and the storytellin' synch up well, and the falsetto (or nearly) vocals exude passion and genuine feelin', love it...

TonyGirl's Favorites
This one will take you to a magic forrest to dance in a refreshing lake of the beautiful melody.

RKR - Rhythm Kings Radio
Cool soundscape.

Sweet minimal intro, focus on the vocals, then the slow build and it grabs ya as the song pours out very strong vocals, tasty soundscape. crisp percussion and bass helping holding it together. rich tapestry of instrumentation woven together so wonderfully .

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