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Tuesday, January 17, 2017 5:38:24 AM
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Sunday, March 05, 2017 7:02:41 AM


A song about Tas & Ben Pappas, who were the best vert skaters in the world at one time.

It's about how you strangely do not get to play as Tas or Ben Pappas in the Tony Hawk video game franchise, from the perspective of someone who wishes they could... The subplot also being about Tas getting the 900, which depending on which side of the story you've heard, Tas could very well have been the first person to do a 900 if he wasn't blocked by Tony Hawk's political power in the X games. There are also biographical elements concerning Tas & Ben's story.
There's a great doco about them called All This Mayhem which goes into their untold story in much greater detail.
Verse 1 -
Vertruvian Men, Partners in crime... Tas & Ben
Flip tricks on, the Vert ramps, made the best Pro's look like Gramps
Up their sleeves, the main drawcard and Tas is, the new vanguard
Who beat Hawk, with his rib broken, on top, of the world stoked
Ruach Adonai, the secret place of the most high
and now I know, who I am, on my way to Prahran.

Pre Chorus -
But my side is the truth
My side is the truth x 2
Yeah my side is the truth
So here's the truth

Chorus -
On Tony Hawks, I'd rather play
As Tas Pappas, Back in the day
The King of Vert, Hawk stole his crown
If he had the guts, Tas'd taken him down
But Hawk flew away, when Tas did the time
and took the applause, when Tas got the Nine
Tas got the Nine x 4

Verse 2
On the road to salvation, Tas went through damnation
All paths, will be made straight, forewarned, of forlorn fate
The came from St Albans, Rockstars, Prosaic bogans
The rich irony, of poor humility
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