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Friday, February 17, 2017 7:11:29 AM
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Friday, February 17, 2017 4:41:30 PM


Rapping(Wrapping).. Ever So Gently Tapping... Upon Your Ear.

( some early stuff... before -M- "sang"... he'd speak... incessantly! )

I shall say something simple
you should understand.

I’ll serve it short, but sweet
and still show a secret
subtly submerged in the sand.

Sought after Silver sends shining shafts
to the secret that solemnly slumbers.

Exercising certain, special skills,
symbolic signs shall surely soar...
through secret, subterranean scenery
...shaking the subconscious.

Seeing this supremely sublime sight saddens some.
But shadows, so surfaced, are seared by the Sun,
...causing the seams to stretch,
such that some sacred soul is spared
...from splitting surely asunder.

So you see...
in our sleep...
you should seek the shelter of our servant,
speaking so specifically of the SANDMAN,
who so superbly shows us insight
towards these slimily, sinful serpents,
who’ve stolen our possessions by
staying hidden in the recesses of our Psyche.

Be Ye Not Deceived!

This Is Serious Stuff!
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