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Monday, February 27, 2017 9:35:46 AM
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Friday, February 26, 2021 4:37:54 PM
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Mi Amigo Jesus


Keyboard, Guitar, Voice Improvisation.

Not to mention the absurdity of those “orthodox” Christians who believe that Jesus was “NOT”(nor was ever) an “everyday person” just like you or me. “THAT” would be “IMPOSSIBLE”!!! And yet, how could the message of Jesus instill “ANY” hope if this were not to be the case? Is “First-Born” truly more valuable than “Second”? ...or “Third”??? In THAT(Christian) realm “Second” IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FIRST! Right? ...His “Second Coming”!!! They “believe” that “He” lives because He came forth from Golgotha(the place of the “SKULL”). So, open your mouth and “Speak The Truth”. He IS THERE!!! He “IS” the WAY, TRUTH, LIGHT! Revealed WITHIN THE WORD!!! The “Kingdom Of God Comes From Within You!” Jesus “Lives” ONLY WHEN we speak the “TRUTH”! He is “There” in the “WORDS”! “Sight” unto the “blind”... “Sound” unto the “deaf”... “Life” unto the “dead”... TRUTH IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! EXPOSE THAT WHICH IS DONE IN DARKNESS AND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN DRAWETH NEAR!!! AND THE WICKED RUNNETH FOR COVER... AND THREATEN TO TAKETH THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN INTO THE PIT OF HELL WITH THEM!!! FOR THEIR STRENGTH LIETH IN THEIR HIDING AND SECRET SINS!!! EXPOSE THEM AT YOUR OWN AND THE WHOLE WORLD’S PERIL! “THEY” ARE THE ORIGINATORS OF THE “SUICIDE BOMBER”!!!! BELIEVING THEMSELVES MORE VALUABLE THAN THE WORLD ITSELF!!! THEY BELIEVE THEMSELVES MORE VALUABLE THAN ALL OF CREATION!!! THIEVES RESIDE IN THAT HOLY PLACE OF “MANNA”(MONEY)!!! LOOKETH THERE!!!!!!!!! AND THEN SHOUTETH FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!! MONEY-CHANGERS!!! TO HELL WITH YOU AND YOURS!!!! -M-
Xanthan Gum - Guitar and Vocal
Mort Amore - Keyboard, Lyrics

Tongue-In-Cheek Observation highlighting the differences in perspectives between the “Present Day” verses times past... expressing how a “Jesus” type personality would be viewed, realistically, “Today”(basically a 1960’s Hippie); doing and living just as Jesus did it in the past”, and how the “Controlling Powers” might present their narrative in order to denigrate and besmirch the man. And then, at the same time, showing the “hypocritical nature” of those same “Controllers”; exposing how they have incorporated one particular aspect of this man’s nature... the “taking”(or bumming) of a peoples’ sustenance. We get no “personal touch” from our “rulers”(they won’t come and sit down and fellowship with us), BUT they still do “Require Our Sustenance”(in the form of Taxes). Not to mention that they REFUSE to “Heal” any blindness or deafness. Instead, they will ENCOURAGE AND APPLAUD IT!!! They’ll even go so far as to penalize any “Real” or “True” sight and sounds with such severity that one would be “insane” to pursue any such a path as “Revelation”! It has also been said that Karl Marx based many of the precepts of Communism upon the Doctrines of “Christianity”(without any use of/ for “God” of course).
Jesus was a Bum.
He “Bummed Around” off other people.
He “Bummed” water at the well.
He “Bummed” a ride into Jerusalem.
(If He was “God” then)
He also “Bummed” into Bethlehem;
As a little child He “bummed” dinner and lunch.
Without “spending money” He’d have wine and brunch.
And this is “THE MAN” that lay down the design…
“For All Future Governments”.
“They” Don’t Come Into Your House “For Lunch”… anymore!
”They” just “Grab The Price” of a “Few”
When you’re at the… “STORE”!
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