SunMy Baby Makes Me Feel So Good
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Friday, November 11, 2005 10:57:35 PM
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Friday, November 11, 2005 10:59:17 PM
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Melodious, harmonies, jangly 12 string...

Written by Sun PK, Produced by Dan Wise

When I looked into your eyes
Never thought I’d see
A window into heaven
Gently welcoming me
Heartache simply disappeared
Fear drifted away
I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to say


My baby makes me feel so good
My baby makes me feel so good

Every time you look at me
I see something new
The paradise I dreamed of
Has turned out to be true
And when we touch I’m suddenly
Walking on air
I feel the love in my heart everywhere


I don’t need the world to turn
To bring me day and night
You’re my star and you shine so bright

Song Comments

The Lounge..
Sun(i think) is a one man band playing sun-kissed easy listening sunshine pop..My Baby Makes Me Feel So Good is a delightful peice of bubblegum breezy pop with a great uplifting chorus..

K-RTRO vol. II
Sun is my new favorite band on IAC and the first to get two song onto our playlist! Impeccably produced and flawlessly executed sugar pop. Unapologetic, unadulterated and perfectly refined, this is just a joy to listen to!

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Don't forget the sun block!

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