Tosoff and AprilRear Window
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 7:20:37 PM
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Monday, September 04, 2017 8:09:17 PM
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Outside the Window


a tosoff and april song

steve april vocal, guitar
adam reed bass, drums

bryon tosoff roland piano, synth piano, organ

a widescreen, unfolding, twisty story...suspiciously like a hitchcock film...
Rear Window

1. travellin’ salesman taping up a trunk
his wife body’s in there, now he’s gettin’ drunk,
kills her little dog for barkin’
for diggin’ in the garden,
where he’s buried her diamonds and pearls.
Who will break on thru, break on thru
the rear window?

Guy w a broken leg drinkin’ his own case of sin,
a voyeur with a telephoto lens.


2. Ms. Lonelyhearts wakes from the dead
with music playin’ in her head,
dumps her pills down the drain
jazz saxophone man playin’ in the rain
gives her a thrill, driftin’ through the open window.

Music breaks on thru, break on thru
her rear window, rear window.

People say it’s a sin,
be careful openin’ rear windows,
there’s thousands of rear windows...

Song Comments

Its got a doors piano feel ala Ray Manzarek some organ going on , cool guitar with a vocal groove that is very Dylan.Steve April is a poet and lyricist who weaves some magical storylines eYe said this, me, the you know who

Outside the Window
melodrama through a rear window, keys with finesse, and changes in tone, mountain man vocal, w a hard drinkin' detective...

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