Glenn ShayneCatch My Tears
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Sunday, July 30, 2017 4:54:53 PM
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Ballad with Piano

Lyric written By Glenn Shayne. Music and Singing Performance By Briana Tyson

About a woman who loves a man who left and never came back.
Catch My Tears (Final Lyric) 04192017

Catch My Tears (Final )
My cheeks are stained now
I can't stop crying
I might be smiling through it but
I don't know how
You ain't even trying
Baby you're just fine with this
Over and over again
That pain never stops in me
I've tried to hold em in
But the tears keep falling

Down my face
In my eyes
Will you catch em 'fore they hit the ground this time
Falling down
Boy just like
I fell right when I met you
Every day now since you left
You never caught me
So can you at least
Catch my tears

They just keep on falling
You're not tryna stop it
But I don't think you want it to anyway
It hurts to keep on loving you
How do you expect me
To just replace your memory
And Walk Away
There's so much empty space
Now since you left
Thought I could cry out the pain
But the tears keep falling


It's like they're raining out my love for you
But a hundred million tears is never gonna do
Oh I'd give anything for you to maybe feel it too
But you never gonna love me like I loved you
So tears are falling


Lyric By Glenn Shayne
Music and Singing Performance By Briana Tyson
Copy Right All Rights Reserved BMI 12/17/2016
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Golden Kayak Nominees 2017
Easy Listening/Soft Rock

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