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From my band Morgueazm 2001 to current day

Gramie Dee: Lyrics, Music, Guitars, Vocals
Brett Avok: Drums
Dark Mark: Keyboards, Bass

From the album Multiple Morgueazms 2004
I Lick Your Meat
(Music and lyrics by Gramie Dee)
Feast my eyes
Shaking up your booty
Total trust
Orgasmic thrust
Carnal lust
My pornographic beauty
Lock the door
Play some more
Get on the floor
My horny little pretty
Burn the rug
A sexual drug
Grope and hug
We’re rolling and we’re sweaty

The sweetest smell
A wishing well
And lips that tell
Invite me to your hollows
Take me in
And feel within
Libido’s whim
Lead and I will follow
Thrust and grind
Blow your mind
As we entwined
Are ready to explode
A mighty girth
Move the earth
For all it’s worth
Set to overload

Your soft pink flesh
Exposed to me
As you lie there in defeat
And as I bend over my prize
I go down
And lick your meat

It’s getting good
I knew it would
I’m drawing blood
I guess I’m kinda kinky
Don’t you agree?
It’s plain to see
Come to me
I’m telling you distinctly
A fire within
Biting skin
A deadly sin
The pleasure of the pain
The flesh is sweet
Enough to eat
Forbidden treat
Your body is arcane


And now begin
To bite the skin
See what’s within
The crimson of your beauty
The real fun
It has begun
My chosen one
My menu is your booty

Chorus 2
Your red hot entrails
In my hands
As you lie there in defeat
I feast upon your
Bloodied corpse
I go down
And eat your meat
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A crafty seductive hard driving track that discusses a very enjoyable activity. Num-num-num.

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