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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 5:29:17 PM
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Wednesday, November 21, 2018 3:48:44 PM
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Photo Clare Challoner

All american endless street
The 4th of July
See the people dance in the heat
as you go by
in the blink of an eye

The strangeness of everyone
Out here at the show
All smiling and then they're gone
but you'll never know
whats happening below
as they come & go
Yeh yeh yeh yeh

With the tourists behind you
& your home light to guide you
Now you gotta free that velvet dream
& do it, do it, do it, do it

With the winter nights fading
& the summertime waking
You just wanna be where love could be
& do it, do it, do it, do it

See the dust that blows
the news from yesterday
All the stores are closed
& the people've gone away

Feel the sun that burns
the distance in your eyes
It's good to be alone
there's freedom in the skies

Oh my precious girl
I loved you like a child
Along these empty streets
all my feelings running wild

Won't you dance with me ?
I'll be your valentine
& this can be our home
A dream that's yours & mine..
Song Comments

Been waiting for Steve the last while to bring something new, and he always lays it down with amazing vocals, as Steve april calls him the man with the golden voice. Rich textures and rainbow of colors. Lyrics that are compelling and inviting, and all those strategically place Bgs and oo's cant resist the ISonic wonderments and the transition into that second part of this piece is tripping ,way retro,with sweet guitar parts, this is so full of magic. just wow. terrific.

Mystery Radio
Mysterious Magical Miraculous Mystical Marvelous, what else can you say. no one matches what Steve Ison brings here....

Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews
I've been summoned by IMP royalty (low bow) for a 'good or bad' review so I'd better handle Velvet dream with velvet gloves. While it's nice (but odd) to hear mellow UK vocals in a US scenario, I'm not entirely sure what the lyrics mean! Starts off 'people watching' on 4th July and ends up serenading his gal on Valentines day. I thought I might skip this one early, but at around 2 mins the song morphs from 'Happy holidays' to 'A nightmare on Easy Street' with some Halloween effects or an Alien abduction of the original band. Easy is the dominant vibe none-the-less. I had been imagining the singer texting or frying sausages as he records in the corner of the garage where the band are squeezed closely together, drummer incorporating the metal car hood. Then that inspiring lyric steps up "Do it, do it" (not sure what exactly, pay the leccy bill, stir the baked beans) but he gets more animated now, hard to do when you're wearing your Christmas Sweater and sipping cocoa! I'm not clever enough to analyze the deeper implications of this song - or maybe I'm too clever and this is a case of the Kings magic suit that only a few can see. Hey, who cares, I got a "Yeh, yeh, yeh, not heard that since the '6os and something approaching a 'Hey Jude' outro. Steve knows his way around this type of song blindfolded but I think he'll see the Susie wink here ;) - Choosy Susie 2017

ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC
New song..My own strange dreamscape with personal meaning..

Talk about production, here is the way to do it folks.with years of working his craft Steve Ison has developed a special skill in the recording end of it,as a producer, an engineer, and a skilful songwriter. Well Velvet Dream is an amazing listen, a journey of sorts as Ison takes you to that Velvet Dream. yes sir, this song has killer vocals, super song crafting, amazing musicianship, everything here is stunningly amazing.

Golden Kayak Nominees 2017
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic

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