John PippusCrush The Fear
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Thursday, November 16, 2017 8:50:03 PM
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 1:06:19 AM
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Like this anti-Trump song says, “It’s not a time to be silent”. Don’t let him divide us. 2018 Golden Kayak Contender!

John Pippus and David Puzak: Words and music
Performed by JP and DP.
Produced by DP for Sarnia Boys

Can’t believe it happened
Can’t believe he’s here
Self important dummkopf
Stoking all our fears

Silent conversations
Tension in the air
Can’t trust the president
Bad omens everywhere

It’s getting heavy… crush the fear
It’s getting real now… crush the fear

History is written
Bad guys sometimes win
When they game the system
Gotta take them from within

Gonna fight with humour
Gonna fight with truth
We gotta pull together
Until our voice is heard

It’s getting heavy… crush the fear
It’s getting weirder… crush the fear

It seems so clear now
We’re walking on a ledge
And if we fall
We just might end up dead

If you don’t agree
iI he really is your man
Are you gonna wear it
When the shit hits the fan

Crush the fear
It’s getting real now… crush the fear

we’re in a bind its not a time to be silent
the flame of hope is out we’re gonna have to relight it
we wanna end the hate so we have to confront it
can you understand that they want to divide us

it’s not a time to be silent
it’s not a time to be silent

© 2017 David Puzak & John Pippus
Song Comments

John has stepped into a different element and realm as never before. Right off, the vocals start and they are riveting and compelling, tasty treatments, great vocals, stellar arrangement this is an outstanding testament to the abilities and amazing talents this Man posses. dig that tripping bass groove amazing transition to the bridge, high energy there. powerful and captivating. great job. outstanding songcrafting.

Haunting, compelling and deep.Incredible songcrafting by Pippus and total kicking lyrics, check out out this one, really seriously instrumentation and chord transitions. powerful piece of work

voodoohead productions
CRUSH THE FEAR . New release by John Pippus and David Puzak - this one got legs, tripping groove stellar work guys...

External Forces
Crush the Fear, incredible lyrics, amazing musicianship, production, John Pippus is always bringing it. This one is way cool.

Raven sees smoke fire and rebellion coming on from way up in the sky

Protesting music is very much alive to those who are not cowards

External Forces
Compelling and True

2018 IAIA Golden Kayak Award Nominees

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Are ya gonna' wear it?

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