Jamal Windfall1991 Wordplay
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Monday, January 08, 2018 7:56:26 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM


Brand Monumental Design, Jamal Windfall

I wave my methods like magic wands. My voice is choicest causing van damage like Jean Claude. Plus I treat this like a thesis. My brain caught gamma rays when cell division made me fetus. The classic culture that my context choreograph. I snap like Vlasic pickles neurons trickle in my path. Salute my symbolism like swastikas. My connotations more complex than death threats by the mafia. The Taj Mahal's dome couldn't condone my mentals. When I combine left and right brain in simontaneous sequentials. I master acronyms like Archimedes buoyancy. I'm just like acid rain affect on lady liberty. Geography dictates that my longitude lines lands in Oak Park I’m from Chicago’s west side. I’m sick with this contagious mental quarantine, sedated like I mated with terrestrial beings. My instinct is distinct when ink sink like Titanics. My concept is more in depth than the man from Atlantis. This operation station is prescribing dendritic incisions, the correlation is straining human natural vision. Manumission from thoughts as brain cells do rehab that emcee ADB me and that nigga walk this path. My thought are heavy, more scary than Lou Ferrigno acting mental, packing lead like packs of pencils, want a demo well I’m fin’ to make you. Piss in your pants like you saw Jason. In my opinionation a beat down is what you facing. Speaking of lyrics I keep kids tuned in like Nick at Nite. To recite the words I write you gotta float like Muppets on Ice. Staying precise, I finally got a slice I’m moving up. Like Weasy you getting fucked by the man that makes the bucks. You better duck cause I’m about to blow like confetti. I’m passing the mic, wordplay. x
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