Friends of Steve AprilEvery Now And Then (cover)
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Saturday, January 27, 2018 11:47:52 PM
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Saturday, January 27, 2018 11:56:26 PM
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a cover version, saddest song I ever wrote?

Anonymous, vocal, production

a steve april song (Melody, lyrics)

Anonymous (an IACer who wishes to remain anonymous) sent me this cover of my song a couple years ago, and I was so happy to receive a 'cover' that to me, improves on the original, due to the production, the vocal, or whatever. He suggested an artist page "Friends of Steve April,' after rejecting my first thought 'Anonymous Does Steve April' lol...thank you...
Every Now And Then

the radio is playin' in the mornin' rush
a rainy day in the city, the snow has turned to slush,
we met before, I don't know when
will I ever be that close to anyone again?

the counselors did their damage
their scars remain,
in a party dress you danced your heart out,
outside in the rain
playful as a kitten, who toys with a ball of yarn,
your hometown tangles you up, they don't give a darn
we met before, I don't know when,
will you ever be close to anyone again?

ooh ooh maybe I'll sing a song,
help me forget how long we cried.

we met before, I don't know when,
will I ever be that close to anyone again?
babe I miss you, I miss you
every now and then. x
Song Comments

sensual vocal, tasteful production, neat use of strings, so happy to hear this cover version of m'song, thank you so much...and a guitar solo.

Steve, it is such a weird thing that someone would cover your song anonymously and put such love and tenderness into it. It touched me as I heard of a bereavement this week that made me cry and this song hit the same nerve and I cried again. I hope you solve the mystery because you have many good songs that this person might like to take on.

What an incredible honour to have an artist or artists perform such wonderful justice to your song Steve. This one touches a chord in the most poignant and beautiful way imaginable. Been there and felt that, and still do some days. As beautiful as it was, it never goes away. Heartfelt lyrics, lush production, warm and tender vocals reminiscent of "If" by Bread complete with an aching, crying solo tugging on every longing string in your heart turning it upside down and emptying it out. The pain of love lost - only music such as this can come close to expressing how it feels. This is a wonderful cover - it must make you feel so proud of your work, Steve. Congratulations to you and to the noted anonymous artists. It is First Rate from beginning to end!

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