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Monday, January 24, 2005 1:04:26 AM
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Sunday, February 08, 2009 3:31:55 PM


A one way love song

Michael Jost

Taken from real life events
She's got a cocaine habit
Call her Briar-Rabbit
With her popcorn charm
You'd better get a house alarm.

She's got friends in her car
They're heading for a bar
It must be amateur night
The Barbie-doll cock-fight.

Limelight blues, looking for clues
With her push up bra, Mcdonald's straw
Everything's the same like when you first came
with your cocaine, puff, toot, and blow
Chrystal-Meth, doesn't make you slow
But the Heroin gets you up, it makes you go-go
'till No-Doze are like tic-tacs now.

With your butane arm
Everything's up for stakes
High-five grab
Loose flab
Lips talking shit, smack in her purse
Everything's right, and everything's rehearsed
She's got a hidden agenda
She's spreading her propaganda.

Cuz they're so damn bored now
I guess that it serves them the same
Now that they know who's to blame
Until everything's fine, at the drive in now
Yes, everything's fine, at the drive in now.

I here you are looking for a new guy to cling onto
I hope he serves you right, I hope he serves you well
I pray he's got a Trans-am, and he takes you both
straight to hell.

Mustached Burt Reynolds
Tight jeaned, money roll
With a pack of Marlboro lights
He's got fortune teller hands and palm reading demands.

He tells you everything's fine, at the drive in now
Yes, everything's fine at the drive in now
So everything's fine at the drive in now?
Yes, everyone's fine at the drive in now.

But I know I will never get to see this movie again
Somehow, nothing's the same, but the drive in now.
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