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Tuesday, June 05, 2018 1:19:21 AM
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 3:53:43 PM


When you've had a ruff life, it's time to turn your Gray Sky to Blue

Anno Domini Nation beats
Brian Jerome Rap

Written about my second daughter and the loser boyfriend she had at the time who finally moved out thank God!
Ya done blown it Why can't you just try and understand
You could have the pick of the crop
A mo better man
But instead ya gonna settle for less
Ya done maid your bed So go live in the mess
A man like that he doesn't deserve you
The second he had laid his hand on you.
So ratatatat you can do better then that
Time to turn the gray sky blue
turn the view, turn the hue
turn every little single thing but you
You’re a women who deserves the very best
You should never take a man who will put you through a test
create a higher standard for every single man
so they won’t come round thinkin’ that they can
just do whatever that they like-
reach out for a hand, then just say psyche
There’s only so much that I can do
To try and take you through the pain that you suffer through
And even though you’re my little girl
Prince said it best you’re like Diamonds and Pearls
Ima keep on watchin’ your back
Even though someday you’re gonna give me a heart attack
See you just don’t know whatcha got goin’ for you
So many friends for life that will always love you
no more time to be wasting on him,
the odds will show That he will do it again.
So ratatatat you can do better then that
Time to turn the gray sky blue

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