Alpha OmegaOut for Blood
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Sunday, December 02, 2018 10:38:41 PM
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Sunday, December 09, 2018 4:30:41 PM
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When the time comes for hunting beware those with blood lust in their eyes. If they set their gaze upon you nothing can save you.

Alpha Omega-Bring forth your atrocities for I am the one who is beginning and end

Out for blood
In the twilight in the dark of night
You cannot find it what you've been looking for
In this moment of your disquiet
Out of the shadows here come your daemons
There’re out for blood yes they’re out for blood
There’re out for blood yes they’re out for blood
You can feel them the endless sands of time
There always falling there is no shelter from
The storm that's coming the clouds are over head
It’s got you seeing red it’s got you overwhelmed
And you’re out for blood now you’re out for blood
You’re out for blood now you’re out for blood
Where are the angles where is the guiding light
You cannot see them you cannot find it
All the retched and all these wicked things
They’ve come to find you they've come to take you home and
They’re out for blood yes there out for blood
They’re out for blood yes there out for blood
Song Comments

Intriguing, thought provoking and interesting storyline. Catchy hook, nice one. well produced, great vocals ,tasty work great listening tune, definitely one worth returning for. the one and only eYe. eYe am what eYe am

Apocalypse Radio
Well... "COME"!!! (Unto The Apocalypse!) -M-

This is a song that really resonates with me, as I personally have struggled with similar challenges and allowed circumstances that changed my life for the worse and digging oneself out of a dark place is one of the more awful things to overcome. This is a terrific song and displays an individual who really knows how to produce,write and capture the moment. Great Song,a well traveled soul with such sage insight and wisdom. I think one of my favs for sure alltime. totally into the song. Listen up, cause this guy is going far this year at IMP and elsewhere

Light My Fire
pumpin' bass, neat doubled vocal on the chorus, a resonating theme f'sure, we all have to learn to train our dragons, as the saying goes, or deal with our demons, or learn how to deploy them constructively anyway, maybe through sulblimation (ori. a word about turning lead into gold, in alchemy) , through creative endeavors, or social relations, grand song, cheers...

Mystery Radio
Mystery brings the truth to you on out for blood. compelling vocals , well crafted lyrics, catchy tasteful touches of magic that captures your attention , the mystery of life, our humanity and the challenges we have. Power through your current strife, push down the walls and resist evil.

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