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Mortamor is “playing with" a bass.
Xanthan Gum finds and sings these Words
while Playing his Guitar.

10 Heads, 10 Kingdoms, The 10 Lost Tribes Of Israel
Small Beast Having Two Horns is Israel(2 Known Tribes That Are Left)
Appears To Be A Lamb(Common Religious Jargon), But Speaks As The Beast
Great Whore Is False Religion(Lies Taught As Truth) Deceiving
She’s Stuck Like A Magnet To The Beast’s Handi-Works
Temples, Statues, And The “Thank You”s(MONEY) Of Course
To LIVE Is “Evil”; To EXIST Is “Sufficient”
To HAVE “Lived”(Meaning “Life Ending In Death”) Is Of The Devil
That’s What The “D” After “LIVE” Stands For Anyway
The Life You Possess Is The Only Possession(Gift) You Have
To Lose “IT” Is To Lose Everything(Including Yourself!)
To Value The Life(“Possessors Of Life”) Is Righteousness
The Word “Live”(Followed by a “D”) “Has No Meaning” When Life Is “Eternal”
The “D”(Death For Devil) Has No Power Because He’s Not Eternal
He Only Has Power Over Temporary Things
(In Fact Makes Things Become Temporary)
That’s What Death Is Trying To Do! Stop Eternity!
Eternity Is God And The Devil Is Death
There Is No Eternity Without Life
Because Life Is Necessary To Reign Over Eternity
Eternity Is Time Without Meaning
Because There Is No Need To Keep Time(Or Hold Onto It)
If It Is Neverending
Therefore, Time Gains Power Through Death x
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