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Sunday, January 06, 2019 5:25:10 AM
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Sunday, January 06, 2019 5:27:11 AM
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Desperado Revue
Desperado Revue 2019 GK Contenders


upbeat pop rock song
with a powerful message to never give up

Production Les Clark
Management: RR Management

We face many things in life good and bad and we share and help others overcome with our experiences sometimes we surrender ourselves to life changing circumstances some of us get overwhelmed or completely devastated but we should never give up
Life as i know it
chokin on my pride
no place to go
people are so blind
I'm not alright
I fake a smile and cry for awhile
it broke me down
i fell to the ground

Today I lost myself
don't wanna face it
couldn't take all that came my way
I Surrender

My heart was too big
i couldn't give in
and turn a blind eye
to all whom needed it
don't know what i'm gonna do now
I Surrender

It broke me down
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Desperado Revue 2019 GK Contenders
Contender for 2019 GK nomination - Pop

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