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Tuesday, March 26, 2019 12:29:01 PM
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Tuesday, April 09, 2019 7:32:46 PM
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Scenes From Palacio
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All along
I knew but I didn't know better
There's another side to every story
It wasn't yours, and it wasn't my fault
but if I didn't care
tell me why would I be standing here

instead of keeping with my disappearing act
I emerged from somewhere in the black abyss
Came to tell you that it wasn't all for naught
but I can't say I was there in spirit

all along
I thought we'd get it together
but that's not why I came to see you
Hey, I know it's been a very long time
but nothing's really changed
Snap your fingers and those years are gone

but am I still the way that you remember me
Just a man of unrequited dreams and such ?
If you think I took the wrong direction then
Hey, I didn't really mean to change so much
when you told me you would always rather have
my respect instead of just a friend in need
Guess you never figured out who needed who
I'd been so much better off not listening all along

You were wrong
with most of your assumptions
You were led astray by those you trusted
I only had your interests in mind
You really jumped the gun
cause it turns out I told the truth

with a dollar in my hand, the time has come
oh, to see if I can put the past behind
If you think that I have gotten nowhere fast -
if you only knew, you'd say I'm doin' fine
but I've lost a lot of blood along the way
gave a lot of people just a stitch in time
who are never gonna be the same again
Gave them all I could but I held onto what was mine

Walkin' by the ocean
Days are passing slowly
lookin' straight ahead
not tryin' to remember
If i did it all again
there'd be no way to change things
I don't have the chance
cause now it is December
All my lousy ties are gone
for years and many moons now
and I've come to know
it's never gonna happen
Oh, I have so much to give
with nothing for the taking
If I stopped to think
my wings would soon be flappin'

All along
I knew but I didn't know better
There's another side to every story
It wasn't yours, and it wasn't my fault

and the man that never saw the looking glass
has a burning fire inside the belly still
Everybody wondered what the difference was
but did anybody ever notice who was gone ?
Oh, the one who made the magic happen just moved on
but did anybody ever notice who was gone
when the one who made the magic happen left at dawn ? x
Song Comments

Scenes From Palacio
Has a great emotionally cathartic,resonant quality i really dig..Love the building intensity, the totally rocking groove,neat chords & breathless freewheeling vocal..Very cool track f'sure

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