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Tuesday, May 14, 2019 1:23:13 AM
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Tuesday, February 11, 2020 12:29:37 AM
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She walked the shore and cried the night away
Just like she did the night before
She cried the same tears for him yesterday
And she vows she wont cry them anymore

She measures life in might have beens
The latest one a story all his own
She tries to pull away but he never lets her go
She grows weaker with each wave weaker with each blow
Caught up swept away

She finds the ocean on a winters day
A tiny cove that everyone ignores
She gathers her possessions and throws them all away
A lifetime lying scattered on the shore

The icy water leaves her breathless everytime
Shes ready for the numb to begin
She never even thinks to check the current or its way
She just dives into the black and does it every single day
Drifting all alone

But today there's something different as she makes her way to shore
The piece I broke inside of her isn't broken anymore
A last look and its time to turn away

I walked the shore and cried the night away
Broken down by every memory
I had to let her go I just could not make her stay
The fire in her heart glowed a little less each day
Its better she not know
This time Ill let her go
Drifting all alone

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Officially Nominated for a Golden Kayak
alternative pop rock

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