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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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This is song #10 on the album "Wooden Soul" by The Pawns, 8/19.

Matt Perez: drums and Percussion
Bob Elliott: Other Sounds

Under the Sun

Shine if the world don’t see you
smile, just be glad to be you
you’re what the world is needing
they may not ever see it

You’re something new under the sun
You’re something new under

There in your mother’s womb
a seed that would one day bloom
it’s you, and your time has come
it’s true, you’re a holy one

‘cause you’re something new under the sun

Remember this
you’re holy
and only
just remember this
you’re holy
and only
just remember this
remember this

Of all the creatures swimming in the sea
there’s not another one you can be
you’re the song’s last harmony

So sing what will be your song
and I’m here to sing along
feel the wind in your face so strong
it’s no sin to know where you belong
‘cause you’re something new under the sun

Started as a seed
holding a new hand
no one else is like you
all across the land

This time, this time
everything’s gonna be okay
‘cause you are the one
who could dream it all that way

Elliott 2010 or so x
Song Comments

Totally captures truth in this lovely stripped down song with the less is more approach. appreciate the skill coming through here where the instrumentation is total acoustic groove and hip vibe with a touch of cool flute. Again really tasty piece of work. Powerful and so skillfully put together. Awesome touches of various instruments. stellar songcrafting. Tripping vibe great singing. wow factor on this tunage

Bob Elliott's Under The Sun-says it all in this wonderful masterpiece.Shine ones light is all that matters as Bob sings out, and such wisdom and understanding comes from this artists song. Laying it down with truth, understanding and capturing something very few artists can do it in such a genuine way, bearing their heart and soul and revealing their inner spirit and hope that lies within them. Powerful song Bob.A revelation of sorts. Beautiful, Hopeful and Inspirational. well done

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