sugarplum fairiesvelcro girl
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reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

Song Comments

The Rock
These songs deffinitely dance in your head like well you know...A dreamy landscape of fuzzy guitars and a sweet sensuous vocalist who could melt lead.

The Laughing Man
hahahahahahahahaha what´s a velcro girl ? hahahahahaha the harmonies are fantastic hahahahahahaha uuff hahahahahaha like 60´s pop for the modern mind hahahahaha but , what´s a velcro girl? hahahahahahahaa

Lars Lair
A Fun and girly vocals dance along the sidewalk on the street and off come the shoes and into the fountain we go!

Misfit Online
A little irony is a good thing.

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 80

Maestros of Pop and Rock
Silvia's voice over the most memorable of pop songs. mmmmm

good uns
a pop masterpiece

Music Monsters
Reached #1 on KIAC Big 50! If the gentle reader has been following my blurbs, they can tell that the style of some indie bands remind me of more familiar bands of my youth. Not this song and its vocals by Silvia Ryder though. This girl's voice is gonna stick to me like Velcro, and I'm gonna dream tonight of fairies made of sugarplums and wake up humming this melody. That is quite alright with me!

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