CyndieHeal the Heart
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Monday, April 03, 2006 2:39:51 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Easy, peaceful plea for wholeness

©October 2003 by Cyndie Wakefield Mace/Feefer-Allie Productions
Performance and sequencing, Cyndie Mace

I’ve felt her hurt so often, As she tries to live her life
Lost inside a broken heart, Shattered by the lies
Coping just the best she can, Just to make it through
Groping in her blind confusion but she could find the truth in You
Please sit right by her side and whisper in her mind
“Be quiet just a little while, You’ll see that you’re not blind.
Life’s much more then only coping, So keep your heart on Me.
There’s joy in simply knowing what tomorrow can be.”

Please heal her heart, Cover every tear and make her whole
Heal her heart; Wrap her in Your love from head to toe
Bath her with Your Holy Spirit; Give her a reason to try
Please heal her heart oh Lord
And let her Fly, let her fly

The times I’ve felt so torn apart, Afraid to carry on
Tethered by my broken heart, my self-esteem was gone
Fleeing from rejection by keeping love inside
Living in my own dejection, afraid to even try
You’ve helped me through my blind despair,
And eased my troubled heart
You’ve held the edges of my world when the seams came all apart
How can I tell you with mere words the things I feel?
You touched the shattered pieces of my heart and helped it heal

You healed my heart, covered every wound and made me whole
You healed my heart, wrapped me in your love from head to toe
Bathed me with Your Holy Spirit, Now it’s on You I rely
You healed my heart of Lord
Now I can Fly, I can fly x
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