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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Testimony of Faith's belief in God's presence and power

Written by Faith Rivera / Lil' Girl Creations (ASCAP) 2005

Where I am, God is.
Where I stand, God is standing strong.
Where I breathe, God is breathing life
In and out and through me . . . as me.

Where I sing, God is.
Where I dance, Joy lifts my feet.
Where I live, Beauty's flowing free
In and out and through me . . . as me.

Oh, where I doubt, God is the faith in me.
Where I cry, God is the comfort there.
Where I seek, God is the answer
Here, and now, forever and ever and ever.

Where I speak, Truth is.
Where I work, Love is my career.
Where I play, God is playing boldly
In and out and through me . . . as me.

Where I am, Where I stand, Where I play,
Where I work and breathe and move and Be,
Where I sing, Where I dance my dance my dance,
Wherever I go, Where I pray and take and give and live . . .

God Is. Life Is. Truth Is. Oh, God Is.

Song Comments

New Comer Best of Indie and the Indie King

Heaven on the Net
I love this song. It's soulical. More than anything, Christians need worshipful songs that talk more about God. We don't do that enough. I love this song's simplicity, which contributes to the strength of its usefulness in worship.

The Blueprint
Is This Your Testimony?

Child of Pleiades
From afar the answer lies before you. faith shares faith-feels like home again

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