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Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:59:14 PM
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Monday, October 27, 2014 8:38:02 AM
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A song about parting

Vocals, all guitars: Brian Booth. Engineered at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, UK by Jim Riley. Remastered using the IAC service, August 2006

Something to Say
Music: Colin Bates, words: Brian Booth, copyright 2005

So we got it wrong
So we went off-song

Stop - look around you
Isn’t it better this way?
And please don’t call me
Now we’ve called it a day

Find the time to feel
Find the time to heal

Stop - hold yourself tighter
Put those memories away
But please don’t call me
Now we’ve called it a day

Down, deep and down
You know I’m right and
Down, deep and down
We’re both of us frightened

It wasn’t easy to let go
It wasn’t easy to say ‘no’

Stop - make a new start now
Everything’s going your way
And please don’t call me
Now we’ve called it a day

Look inside, ride the pain
Look inside, break the chain

Stop - turn up the lights now
Throw those mad dreams away
And one day I’ll call you
When there’s something to say

Song Comments

Musical Journeys
Listen to what Brian has to say. It's warm and lovely music and you'll not forget it.

And he does. Lyrically Brians tunes are a treat. I picked this one out because of the lyrical twist at the end. ....And one day I’ll call you When there’s something to say... oh, and it's such an easy song to relate to. Havent we all wished we could say no?

Rolling River Radio
Great sound on the acoustic guitar here - original and clever song.

Bare Thread
.... and the thread gets a little English ....

IAC Songchain..
Thanks, Sam; when I clicked the link, I was quite pleased to see it was a Brian Booth tune. He became a friend and supporter, when I first came to this site. Even though he's taken a leave of absence for almost a year, I'm glad that his songs are still up. His English-folk songwriting style is always warm and expressive. A good soul. I hope he'll be back soon. "Something to Say" is "a song about parting". As usual, Brian's words are to the point, but there's a feeling of yearning and regret just under the surface. I especially like the little lyrical twist at the end. A song that everybody can relate to, with some great harmonies and a line or two of a capella, for emphasis. Excellent song. "Like Duane, I haven't worked out how to put in a link yet, so here's the url for my choice:"................srm

serendipity redux II
here as a link only

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