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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 1:11:50 PM
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Sunday, January 08, 2017 2:30:20 AM
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Acceptance from others will never invoke "happiness"... when that "acceptance" can can come only by your forsaking of the most cherished parts of "yourself".

Xantham Gum: vocal, guitar,(added: cello/violin via keyboard)
Mortamor: Lyrics and Thunderstorm

***What sounds like "hissing" here is actually the keyboard's "sound of rain" being used by me for simulating a thunderstorm during this improv. The winds and thunderings sounded pretty good, but the "raining"?... not so much. Being an "improv" there was no "un-doing" or "re-doing"... so... heck! With the exception of the strings appearing midway through, this is purely improvisational. -M-


There are pieces of myself
which I must chase away,
just for me to make it through
another lonely day.

I musn't touch them now.
I better put them away.
And it makes for such
a(lonely)nother day.

Will I ever have enough
such lonely other days?
Will I get my fill
and quit my lonely ways?

Don't touch them now.
I have put them all away.
And it makes for such
a(lonely)nother day.

It makes for lonely,
so damned lonely nother days.

Song Comments

Church of the Red Room
A(lonely)nother testimonial comes from one of those who has gathered. He feels victimized because he can no longer partake of marijuana. His Most Private "Belongings", urine/blood/hair etc., are now the property of the corporation which he works for. He was tricked into their trap of personality control by becoming a debtor, all for to own a piece of property, and now has he the decision of which property does he value most... his freedom or his debtor's field. Yeah, this song is a little blues number about the beginning of Drug-Testing out at work. They're "killing" me... and as far as I am concerned they are in truth "Persecuting" Me WITHOUT A CAUSE! Am I an adult or not? Can't I decide for myself if I want to Siphon Gasoline? There are no laws against it, but sucking gasoline fumes is way more dangerous than any cigarette ever thought about being! Aww... Blog, Blog, Blah, blah, blahhh... Yeah, and there are other things too that we will chase away for to make ourselves become more acceptable to society, but this particular event is what inspired me to put into words how I feel about that. -M-

Musicians For Compassion 3
White clouds resting on the rain...

Internal Affairs
This was an easy choice and a rough choice... Everything Psyches Muse puts out seems to be an Internal Affair, but I think I got it right with "A(lonely)nother Day"

CHAOS! CURBS! CURSES! ... ... ...
just a little "muse"ing...

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