twintwelveI could be
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Friday, May 13, 2005 10:00:03 PM
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Monday, August 13, 2007 1:24:59 AM
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Alternative Pop Rock
Lost Beatles Tracks?
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Smile About It
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The Silver Lining


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Adult Alternative Asylum
Another Beatlesqe Tune, with a great Harrison inspired Lead Guitar. A well Produced song. Catchy...Love it!!!!

IAC Songchain..
"Here is a Brilliant song in my opinion... Some nice Beatle ingredients in here as well from the backing harmonies to the Harrison Guitar solo. Its on my Station... good Idea Steve..."Jeff Myers....................... "Good one Jeff ... A touch of Wow ... the multi-colored raindrops rolled off the edge of inspirational abyss ... they came through and by and around and left with a lingering whisper that seemingly changed nothing ... yet, immersed in the children's playground were the hopes coming down the slide and the dreams riding the Merry - Go - Round ... and somehow I believe "I Could Be" O.K. ... now here is one from me .. Somewhere Out There"....................The Man With No Band

Lost Beatles Tracks?
Suggested by Jeff Allen Meyers on the IAC Songlink thread, this one has nice changes, excellent performances and a nice Harrisonesque lead. The ending is straight out of the Magical Mystery Tour LP. Nice job folks!

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