AittalaMyself Deceived
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Saturday, November 11, 2006 12:31:16 PM
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Saturday, February 09, 2008 2:17:31 AM
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Freinds, Family, and those we like!!!!
Who likes you anyway.......


All music and lyrics by Eric W. Aittala

There's something I need to confess
This burden hangs heavy on my chest
I admit I am a fraud
Never believing in your God
And I can't go on living this façade

I never felt the way you felt
Never praying at the alter at which I knelt
A show of devotion so genuine
Evil residing in angels' skin
But you only saw a soul untouched by sin

I sought conviction in your divinity
But in return I only offered my blasphemy
I wanted so much to believe
That I almost had myself deceived

I tried to grasp your holy conviction
But I found it nothing more than a sick addiction
Couldn't understand what it was all about
So I pretended to be so devout
But I was always searching for a way out

Couldn't go on playing this charade
I wanted to tell you but I was too afraid
You don't know how hard I tried
From keeping you from seeing my dark side
But the evil part of me would no longer hide x
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A song by Dwell's own Eric

Freinds, Family, and those we like!!!!
A song by Dwell's own Eric

Who likes you anyway.......
A song by Dwell's own Eric

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