Jeff EatonOutside Your Door
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Friday, January 12, 2007 3:48:57 PM
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Monday, December 10, 2007 11:04:35 PM
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Outside Your Door
Copyright © 2005 Jeff Eaton Music

How could I have messed it up
As I was standin right outside Your door
I guess that I was skippin out
Didn’t wanna talk it out

I was really shaken up
To think that I could step outside Your grace
It seemed that I was walkin out
You could see me reachin out

But I can never turn back time – there’s no more I can do
So one more time I’ll give it all up for You – and I sing
I don’t wanna live outside Your grace
It’s You that I’ve been living for
I don’t wanna live outside Your space
It’s You that I’ve been fighting for
I just wanna stay here in this place
Right outside Your door

If I could only make it up
If I could ever get back to this place
It took so long to figure out
I’m the one You singled out

Can you hear me knocking?
Knocking at Your door?
It’s You that I’ve been waiting for x
Song Comments

blue moon radio
I couldn't decide which song to use of Jeff's, so I uploaded both of his songs, they are both excellent

Zions Gate Radio
This is a really sweet song Try it, You'll Like It!

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