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Sunday, February 25, 2007 7:13:21 AM
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Thursday, December 18, 2008 11:00:38 PM


A song about my significant other and the memories we shared and created...


Once we said we were only friends, We didn't know our true fate. Friendship bloomed to love in our midst. At the empress we set a date, We drove, the penninsula, There goes our ferry, You, precious moments in my memories. Do you remember the days at birch we walked for miles through the bay, sharing laughs in natures church, romantic sunsets we engaged. Love on the beach, fresh salty sea breeze. You, Precious moments in my memories. You took me up to the mountains to ski. You swished and swayed spraying snow, scared of the chair in the air was me. I learned how to fall and plow, You snow bunny, in the evergreen trees. You precious moments in my memories . Don't feed the bears at Yosemite, you liked to camp from hotels, Glacier caverns, Geyser springs such beaty Ol' faithful spued giant swells, You were the Queen of the bumble bees. You, those treasured moments in my memories. Long hot summers at Sun Lakes we skied and fished all day. We swam and sunned till our bodies ached. The shore caught on fire the 4th day. Us under the milkyway, our love released ,You, precious moments in my memories. We tripped to Vegas just to try our luck to see the shows and scenery. The hustle bustle, always costs a buck being with you seemed the key. Vegas saw you, you with me. You precious moments in my memories, You precious moments in my memories, You precious moments in my memories.
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