Mia SableImpatient
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Thursday, April 12, 2007 5:22:02 PM
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Thursday, May 03, 2007 4:38:04 PM
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What kind of a person gets attached to someone who's not around?

Words & Music by Mia Sable

verse 1:
What kind of a person
Gets attached to someone who’s not around
It’s torture I’m seeking
Flying a hope that’s bound to come crashing down
Your words are like bones you throw to me
I make a broth and I am appeased
But it leaves me weak, it leaves me weak

verse 2:
The longer I am without you
The wilder my mind becomes
In just 24 hours I am many times
In and out of love
Nothing that’s certain exists for me
I’m caught between doubt and fantasy
And it’s got me beat, it’s got me beat

I can only sustain so long
I’m impatient to know what I am waiting for
I can only relate so far
And it takes everything, then it takes more

verse 3:
A ridiculous situation
Must be telling of its participants
Good sense can be evading
Leading to these sorts of predicaments
But despairing and tearing myself into pieces
Increases my suffering
Oh it’s killing me, it’s killing me

And it gets me wondering how important I am to you
I don’t ask for much, still you can’t make due
And I’m left considering why I shouldn’t just leave
What’s it to you?

Song Comments

Adult Alternative Asylum
great Creative arrangement....I hear a little Beatle influence, but then again I always do :) Great instrumentation. Great Track Mia! Jeff

What an unusual song, surely it's from a musical! I just searched "Impatient" (because that was my mood today, thank you web connection) and this popped up. Where are all these great artists now I wonder?

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