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Friday, May 04, 2007 4:10:07 AM
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Sunday, January 31, 2010 1:33:13 AM
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Medium/Fast upbeat acoustic/pop song

Written by: Katelyn Dawn
Produced & arranged by: John Paul Peters
Co-Produced by: Katelyn Dawn

Recorded at High North Records

Engineered & Mixed by: John Paul Peters
Mastered by: Sterling Sound/NYC

Musicians on Song:
Katelyn Dawn: vocals, acoustic guitar
John Paul Peters: lead guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, violin and percussion
Joe Riccardo: bass

lyrics and music by katelyn dawn

you said that we would be together forever now forever is a long time to promise me
you broke my heart into a million pieces now i cannot get the pieces back again.

your nasty lies gave hungry eyes and i gave in to you
no chances left and now i won’t be standing here for you
sometimes the things you say cause disarray and me to say
you’re on your own and that’s okay
i wanted us to naturally be all that we could truly be
but we fell apart and you broke my heart
i’m packing up my bags of tears i left you after all these years
cuz we’ve fallen apart and you broke my heart

bottles spinning new beginning was in view of you
this tender heart gave tender kisses for you
i let my walls down and i let you walk inside of them
inspite of what you did to get them down down…
inside of you (i know your heart cries out)
confide in you (you sang that song of doubt)
when i cry out (you just left me there)
i burnt alone (but you didn’t care)
monday morning i wake up and take a look around
without you here i feel this song has a sweeter sound
no one to break my heart or try to tear it apart no wonder you cant look at me no more
no wonder you cant look at me no more
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