Rick TemporaoBy the River
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Friday, July 22, 2005 7:31:40 PM
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Monday, December 10, 2007 9:09:47 AM
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languid melodies backed by solid beats

Written by Rick Temporao
Arrangement by Rick Temporao, Brian Allen, The New Low
Performed by Rick Temporao & the New Low

serves as an introduction, with loose narrative about an ex who just didn't believe.
By the River

Keep em on your feet
I'll make it easy as it looks
but , to a man so far away from what you planned
I used to work a job and books but now I lay down hooks
I'm like no other you'll discover raise your hands
Get down, I'm a pseudo-pro and I'm sure to stay if you're good to go
though I talk real fast and I think real slow

Take this down by the river, I'll forgive her if you let me bring this down
Take this down by the river, I'll forgive her if you let me bring this down

Homespun buzz, when the willing is the must, first impression first impression second sight
she said “hey hey hey, seems you got a lot to say”
well I got love and I got life and I got fight

Take heart cause I've done the math, and a kiss from her's such an autograph
that a second chance just made me want to laugh...


If I could get by on my looks you know I think I'd have it made
but I'll get massive being passive when the vibe is all the rage

Music and Lyrics by Rick Temporao
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