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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Thursday, August 26, 2021 3:09:56 PM
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I Like Strange. ~M~
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SEE IT??? "My Way"?(Of Course! Meal by meal! Serving by serving!) Maybe we could be "Par" for "THAT"("course") by being "On The Path"! Ah! Yes! We "Will Be", well("Well") beyond THAT(path) being both "ON" and "OF" "The Course"! =M=

Xanthan Gum: bass & vocals
Mortamor: keyboard & lyrics

Improvisation where I'm playing my daughter's toy Casio( a 6" X 12" keyboard with "speaker" ) while using a simple drum track. This "feat" was then mic'd into a regular stereo Teac cassette recorder... while Mr. X played bass guitar and sang... Pure! Unpretentious! Unadulterated! (and FUN!!!) =M=
I have expanded my mind
beyond both space and time
to peer beyond spots blind,
whose nether realms art mine.

Canst thou, hidest from me?
Think not, I! To so abide...
tis not my spirit nor nature to hide.

There is more to sight than seeing.
We see what we are being,

our sensual roots connecting,
unto places for correcting,

environmentally affecting,
and coercively subjecting

the kaleidoscope collection
to consummate rejection. x
Song Comments

I Like Strange. ~M~
It's an obvious addition considering this station's name. -M-

Psyche's Music


Off The Moon
Love this - proper weird and very wonderful......

The Retsej Indie Radio
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