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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Produced/written/recorded by Troy T.

When I think of the Seventies
Takes me out for a ride
See the roads sprawl before me
A land full of promise and time

If I could turn the wheels
Back in the schoolyard that day
It eats me all the time

Going down the freedom ride on the river
Going down the helpless ride on the road

Try to slow the emotion
Remember the days in the sun
Riding around open windows
Glistening smiles in the fun

If I could roam the fields
Think of all that I could have done
It cheats me all the time
I pay

Going down the path that leads to destruction
Running down the steep incline of my woes

When I think of the seventies
I wonder if I'll get that far
Will I look back with relish
Or will I close and be sour

If I can use the now
Make something out of today
I can win and I will
Be ok

Going down the freedom ride to the river
Going down the freedom ride on the road x
Song Comments

NICE! These guys are cool. The first song listened to had a new-wavey vibe (I love old school new wave) to the arrangement . Looked at their page. There's a reference in a review to Jeff Lynn. Well, I'm a gigantic ELO fan (Listen to my track SOLID GOLD). Anyhow, I'm glad I checked these guys out. I found this pean to the 70's.

Freak Scene..
I've always loved this track..Totally sexy,cheeky n groovy...ZZ Top hangin' out with Big Star...Fuzz bass and falsetto is a total winning combination imo..

Who's been listening to Big Star,then? lol...Excellent,slinky Falsetto and fuzzbassin' boogie-rocker..Like if Big Star borrowed ZZ Top for an afternoon and taught them how to write really cool songs..

The Good Stuff, Too!!!
I snatched this up after Steve Ison turned me on to it on the Pipeline. Just a great melody, with amazing nastyass guitars. He describes it as "Big Star jamming with ZZ Top), I hear a lot more Raspberries in there.

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