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Friday, August 31, 2007 10:09:34 PM
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Friday, August 31, 2007 10:28:59 PM
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The Lounge..
the party
Mood Ring Baby
The Square Foot Facility
2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
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the greatest indies I've ever heard
best in show
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Desperado Revue Vol. 2


Song Comments

happy music lol weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

The Lounge..
This song has those wonderful late 60s Association-type melodies and delightful twizzling flutes..Listen to the delicious 'Kites are FUN' 4 part harmony and put yourself on a plush tropical beach bar in 1968 sipping a tall margarita..Perfect lounge music..

The Square Foot Facility
Twee indeed! What a delicious pastiche of '60's hippy vocal groups!

2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
nominated for Best Pop Song

the greatest indies I've ever heard
This was actually an underground hit I believe back in the 60s and it surprises me that this band found this site and put the song up. But it's unique and I totally love it.

Super Songs
I love springtime when all the kites are up in the sky, it gets lonely flying up there sometimes.

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