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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Man walks into a bar and sees his soon-to-be ex wife hittin' on a younger man...and it pissed him off...This is Jay's contribution to the Texas Bar Sing-a-long Songs...people seem to think it's pretty funny. From Jay's 2nd album, Deep In The Heart of Texas, The Pitcher Song has been receiving global airplay on country and americana stations for several years.

Jay Johnson/music and lyrics. From the album Deep In The Heart of Texas/BMI 2002

The Pitcher Song

Where do you get off running around on me?
Winking at that boy at table three...
If he only knew - half the things I do
I swear that he would never talk to you.

(Chorus) But if you were a pitcher I’d drink you til I dropped
And if you were a cigarette I’d smoke you til I coughed
But since you're just a memory this pain won’t ever stop
This here’s where I get off.

He don’t know the sinks clogged with your hair
He don’t see the wonder bra that I know you wear...
He don’t know the work you did to get into them jeans
He don’t know they’re busting at the seams.


Well I’m not here tonight to cause a scene
I’d just like to tell him all the places that you’ve been... I hate to admit it as I watch you slither past
All that’s left to say is KISS MY ASS...
c.2002 JayJohnsonMusic.com x
Song Comments

Texas Back Porch
Texas music sound.

The Good Stuff, Too!!!
Jerry Springer country! Great tune that you really enjoy and then feel kina dirty for listening to once it's all done. But in a good way.

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