The Pony CollaborationDon't stay
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Monday, March 17, 2008 12:48:28 PM
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Monday, June 23, 2008 9:58:39 PM
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Midnight on frisco bay
pretty darn good
The BEst songs According to Me
Indigo Station
rock yo
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An Eclectic mix of 40 beautiful songs
The Metro Underground
really really good
the greatest indies I've ever heard
Super Songs
Wish there was something real
1-1-2019 My Favorite Ever Songs on IMP


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Song Comments

IAC Songchain..
"The Pony Collaboration-Don't stay is really pretty...Very atmospheric,melodic and subtly dramatic...Tasteful in the best possible way..Reminds me of The Tindersticks a little.Very cool track..."..............................Steve Ison

The Metro Underground
So very listenable! Prefab Sprout -meets- The Go Betweens, but shiny and new.

the greatest indies I've ever heard
Perhaps the most poignant indie song ever. Few songs have half the soulfulness of this one.

Super Songs
The Pony Collaboration brings out my sad side. Even Supergirls cry once in awhile. On a side note, I never understood why some of these superheroes shout out catch phrases like "Shazam!" So.. what should my catchphrase be? Do you think "Love To Rock Ya" would work?

Wish there was something real
maybe you don't understand me

1-1-2019 My Favorite Ever Songs on IMP
Maybe you don't understand me..

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