Soul MirrorMissing the Moment
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008 9:40:43 AM
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008 9:41:21 AM
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Soul Mirror - Missing the moment

I'm just feeling what I've always felt
Blood is flowing in the same old veins
But this life's not the one that I knew before
Where are my days?

How quick is to change my mood
From the abyss, to skies, to swamps
And my eyes now are searching for a way to go
Where is my mind?

My brain looks for my wounds
He does not find them (It's so hard to understand)
Past is past, present is present
No way to escape it (I could have been wrong)

Something's swinging inside myself
and I'm crossing too many roads
I don't know where I come from, I don't know where to go
Where is my goal?

I remember a summertime
When my problem were just a line
Now this hole I'm falling in takes me away
Where is my chain?

When you live a day full of meaning
And your life's not dark nor obscure (You won't think about your luck)
When your life's following your plan
You're living the moment (and no curse can touch you)

What's the meaning of "happy" and "sad"?
What's the difference between "life" and "death"?
I can ask you these questions and for that I'm glad
Where you at? x
Song Comments

So glad I got to read these thought inspiring lyrics and i like how the singer swings back and forth into spoken word. I wanted a song about 'missing' as I have a lot of that in my life but this song put a whole other perspective to the concept.

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