Gena PeralaThis Dance
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Thursday, April 17, 2008 5:51:43 PM
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Monday, January 26, 2009 3:19:31 PM
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Song Comments

Back to the Shack
This tune is perhaps one of the best tunes up at IAC in the Folk Rock Genre and should do well here and anywhere for that matter This Dance is a Well Produced song that has superb instrumentation What is terrific and special about this song is that the focus is on the vocals rather then on the instruments that in some of todays songs are sometimes overbearing and detract from the singer and the lyrics. This tune though is a refreshing change from the jumble of tunes on the net and on radio......... .....The Song.... Gena has a great ability to capture your attention with her lyrics in the storyline and as well This Dance has some very cool change ups rhythmically and Gena has done it with such a brillant approach. The use of the acoustic guitar leading the way is a nice touch and works wonderfully, what a great idea to keep this and Gena's voice as the main focal parts of This Dance As for the singing ,Gena offers up a haunting and longing vocal rendition on This Dance and it is a song that you can listen to indefinitely -a great job all around by Gena. look forward to more

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