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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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A story about an uneducated simpleton ....

lyrics : James Cummings
music : Block Omni / Johnnie D. / Mc Ski

When darkness falls,watch the distant fires
burn.When hunger calls,you'll feel your
empty stomach churn.If confused you'll have
nowhere else to turn.What good are needs if
you can't feed the yearn?
Might makes right , feeling uptight
friday night, who says barking dogs don't
bite.......what you did,you know it wasn't
very nice...you did it once most likely.
you WOULD do it twice....................

think your a real badass cuz you can squint
like Clint? did you ever chill on D-block
on a 3 to 5 stint? You think your it never
on the level cuz you crank VH don't mean
your running with the devil !
cruise around uptown with the top down
looking cool,paint on a frown clown look at
you giving people nasty stares cast your
eyes the wrong way end up in the crosshairs
What goes up must come down spinning wheels
cry out from a red light don't be uptight
maybe a driveby YEH IT JUST MIGHT !!
somethin's wrong you really know you don't
belong on these streets weak's devoured by
the strong.A feeble sheep thrown in amongst
a wolfpack if you don't get the knack know
how too watch your back , heading down the
wrong track.Did you feel a little fright at
such a sight to find yourself the witness
too two bitches in a scissor fight ?
disagreement over corner, ( maybe tricks )
playful chicks ( maybe for the money or
just maybe for the kicks )that ain't right!
noone is working double just asking for the
trouble, the other was a mother now just
chilling in a grave sight. Ooh such a ..
...BIG MAN you run your mouth out on the
street what's your act ? You think there's
no one you can't beat ? Rule of thumb ..
Don't ever think you can't be hurt..
Don't say we didn't warn ya when your..
On ANXIETY DRIVE you don't wanna get lost
you can't afford the cost the cynics WILL
scoff go ahead Sin barrel under chin grin
your the boss giggle give the trigger just
a little wiggle and blow your F@#$ING head
OFF ( it only takes one shot )
Your honest bride went to the alter wearin
black . her cherry's lost aint never gonna
get it back.Convinced herself you'll get by
if you ain't rich.From this day on you'll
realize life's a bitch. when you get by
(if you really started tryin')the day your
born that's the time you started dying.
fog rolls in,streetlights dim, somethings
wrong in the air.Playing games no one wins
even losers they don't care,ghoulish smile
reaper grins, takes you away..
shots ring out another cold blue barrel
sparks.We're taking bets if the lead has
found its mark.A victim slumps,been taken
by some chumps,another shadow fallen in the
dark. Sucker had no money just joggin' in.
............. THE PARK...................
.......( not bothering anybody ).........
on ANXIETY DRIVE you don't wanna get lost
you can't afford the cost
the cynics will scoff
under the chin, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH
tilt it back, give a little grin you're
the boss blow your F@#$ING head off
........GO AHEAD DO IT!!!!...........

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