Rayburn AnthonyJackson Was Jumpin'
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 2:19:18 AM
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 2:21:17 AM
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Upbeat tune about the town in Tennessee where Rockabilly music was born and first played.

Written by Rayburn Anthony

Song Comments

My good friend Jerry Kabat over at WROK Station here on IAC sent me a 'go have a look at this cool cat Rayburn Anthony' kind of note. Well, I've learned to listen to Jerry whenever he points me in the direction of somebody new, particularly when it comes to old time 1950's rock 'n roll or rockabilly music a la Sam Phillips' Sun Records style, or in the case of someone like good old Tennessee boy Rayburn Anthony here who has talked the talk AND walked the walk like I discovered he has done beginning all the way back to my time ... yeah, those same country-rockabilly-rock 'n roll days of the 1950's. I read Rayburn's bio while I was listening to him singing "Jackson Was Jumpin'" and I couldn't help but think that I was sitting right there in Sam Phillips' Sun Records studio watching and listening to Rayburn laying down the tracks for this great rockabilly tune. What a treat it is to come across a musician who was there when it was all happening back in the 50's and who was actually one of the players making it happen ... and now here he comes packin' his guitar and ridin' into IAC in his old red pickup truck. If that isn't classic I don't know diddley squat!! Thank you Jerry for finding Rayburn here ... and thank you Rayburn for bringing your talent, your style and your rockabilly history to IAC for all to enjoy. And thank you for making me feel like sitting down and writing a few more of those good old rockabilly songs myself. Just reading about all of the great musicians and singers that Rayburn has rubbed shoulders with puts a smile from ear to ear on every page in my book of 1950's music nostalgia memories. It's all here folks ... you can hear it and feel it in Rayburn's playin' and singin'. Welcome to IAC Rayburn and a big rockabilly welcome from yours truly to Legendary Music.

You've got my old Wurlitzer just a-jumpin' too Carl .. er, I mean Rayburn. Lordy, I feel like loading my Fender and Gibson in the back seat of my old convertible and point her hood ornament straight for Memphis Tennessee. Great song Rayburn. I'm honored to spin your tune here in my old jukebox!!

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