Pot-CFuck This Fucking Bullshit
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:54:42 PM
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:57:14 PM
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( ( ( ( T A U R U S ) ) ) )


Just like the title sez. Have a beer and enjoy while you belt out the hook in impotent rage at the drunk natives in your back yard.

All shizzle by Pot-C

(crap Norm MacDonald impersonation intro)

Yeeeha muthafawkaz -Pot-sizzle's in tha hizzle - fa shizzle my nizzle - that's for sure my wigga
What tha fawk I did it and said it like Sam - so here's a canned ham from David Letterman
Scrape off tha Shaffer and Brimley tha Quaker - I open more houses than the real estate raper
Cake yer face in this audio blow - tend to my weeds with yo ho ho

and.. Fawk it fawk it fawk this fawkin bullshat (x4)

(crap Norm MacDonald impersonation intermission)

Back to the point to the joint I just lit - Pot-zilla get ripped eat mushrooms and trip
Shat - my pants - socks and shirt - it's a holiday cause I said so jerk
Tip of the berg just sprinkle the herb - fawk plus face equals you out my place
Case by the dozens warm ones in the oven - fawk you your mom and your care bear cousin

and.. Fawk it fawk it fawk this fawkin bullshat (x8)
Song Comments

( ( ( ( T A U R U S ) ) ) )

Today is the day, the day after the BS in Washington thats my thought, Fuck you all

How do you spell KCUF backwards, yah FUCK, there you go, to all the BS baffles brains that is going on, get on with it world. it is what it is, so KCUF FFO you stoidi, twitter you self to death complaining there and FB and all. use that energy for something positive

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