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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Get Away is about difficulty in relationships. And how we so often want to push people away once they're close enough to help point out some of our weaknesses. We don't like to be "picked" on, or essentially "improved"!

Music & Lyrics, Julia M. Sinclair

Jamie Sinclair
Micah Daby
James Harmer
Julia Sinclair

This song was written because I felt my pride being hurt when a friend was observing some lacking in my character. I was simply writing based off of the emotions that were spurred at the time.
I'll breathe in slowly for a while
You never know I might just smile
I'll sit here and ventilate
Perhaps your words may penetrate

It seems so unfair though
But I know it's my point of view
Let's rewind forget the time
Cause I am feeling so askew

Somehow all of this commotion's
Seeping into my emotion
And now you're telling me just what I ought to be
Seal up, this is my reaction
Close in, hiding imperfection
I don't want you to see just what's inside of me

You get away, get away
Come again another day
Your love is here to stay here to stay
Come again another day

Friendships were meant to improve
Your character, sharpen, remove
The bullets we wear on our sides
But my pride it won't step aside x
Song Comments

I picked this thinking it would be about getting away to somewhere nice (my present ambition) but in fact she's most strongly articulating that she wants him to get away from her - I can go with that mood too I guess :) Anyway the song was too good to leave out

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