savagelosing you
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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sex on the beach
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after sex on the beach


I sit you speak
I lie you weep
the words get tangled I don't know where we are
I wish I could just find a way

to show you everything I am
(everything I am)
but the thoughts just fade away
(please don't fade away)
instead the moments blur into the past
I remember everything we were today

I don't know where were going
I lost that a long time ago
still I feel all of your lovin'
from a touch you'll never know

the arguements came without warning
(I don't want to fight nomore)
I'm only just a man
(I'm waiting on your call)
I know sometimes I leave you wanting
but I've given you all I can

so when the touchings all to much
(we could walk away)
and the passions fight between us
(theres nothing more to say)
when words aren't enough to speak
and there's nothing we can or do

the greatest thing I do
is losing you
(I'm losing you) x
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please dont fade away

Private Stock
nice tune ...

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