Duane RutterStalins SHoe
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 11:00:16 AM
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 11:36:29 AM
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Image heavy collection combined to make the listener create his/her own little mind film.

She walked like the Red Army
and she fell like Stalins shoe
she waited by the hydrant
'till the little one was due
She carried on with soldiers
and mechanics in the town
she left her journals open
with the writing facing down
And the planes flew overhead
through the oxygen and clouds
dropping loaves of home made bread
to the hungry waiting crowd
who had gathered down below
where the flyers advertised
quite exactly where to go
with their baggies and twist ties

She used to have a garden
but she didn't plant last spring
instead she emptied boxes
and threw out
some broken things
a relative from overseas
while passing by dropped in
and as she left she promised
that she'd not stop by again
and the pumper trucks
shone through the streets
ignoring lights and signs
an elevator shaft collapsed
with three young men inside
a rainbow spread of gasoline
displaced by screaming wheels
to land upon expensive shoes
then trickle down the heels

A colour box of champagne shes
spilled across the floor
a single flake of cheaper vintage
kissed the front screen door
a tom cat from across the street
approached the ashen mesh
she shood away the beast
then placed the stray dust with the rest
the divers searched the river
and the reeds along the bay
with grappling hooks and weighted chains
they'd lift then cast away
they searched beneath old rolls of carpet
blankets,shipping crates
they tramped through fields and vacant lots
and heavy rusted gates

She walked like the Red Army
and she fell like Stalins shoe
she waited by the hydrant
'till the little one was due
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