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Sunday, April 17, 2011 6:12:14 PM
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Sunday, April 17, 2011 6:25:46 PM
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Mystery Radio
The Cyanide Chamber


One man beating on a hollow log
Put out the call tell one and all

Two of us looking in the forest fog
Join in the call over all

A hundred birds rise up from a Druid tree
They're singing in 100 part harmony
The song of the earth, the song of the sea
Rise up to outer space easily
We are ready to be free
Put out the call tell one and all

Three souls searching on a rocket ship ride
Here the call and take it right inside
Sing through the heavens far and wide
Song Comments

trippy electric vibe, invitin' vocal...

Mystery Radio
the Call, well it has a David Bowie Gary Numan vibe, interesting lyrics,no one really knows why we are here, some preach, others think they have the answer, we all have our own thoughts and ideas, I acknowledge that. anyways I like that guitar way back in the mix, good energy here and as always the soaring magical vocals of Dolores, and those harmonies are killer. sounds like a whole choir. tripping out mix by SCS.

wild fuzz guitars, and dolores' vocals fuel this atmospheric, forward-leaning romp...

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