Deborah EllisFor Who We Were
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In loving memory of Deborah Ellis 1967-1991. Her poetry to music

Deborah Ellis and Cary Kembla

For Who We Were

As I grasp and reach at the early morning
I try to suspend my days
So that time would not go so quickly
And I could delay
Every breath and thought I take
And every glimpse of you
When you were happy and I was young
And everything was new
But then the storm came and ripped away
All that we had built
Everything we’d counted on
Had turned to pain and guilt
You see I prefer to remember the way we were
Than what we have become
Cos memories can last forever
While realities succumb
To the waves and winds that rip our lives
And tear our souls apart
And leave you with an emptiness
And mourning in your heart
But as the minutes tick a way
And coax me in to sleep
I pack away my memories
For they are mine to keep
They’re not for you to tamper with
Or change or misconstrue
Cos my memories belong to me
While yours belong to you

Deborah Ellis
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