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Anthem for those that feel lost in the shadows and can't find their way out.

Written by: Dove Hagan, Produced by: MGeezy(M. Goggins)

Verse I:
I'm standing here
With a magic shield
You can't see me

Can't feel my vibe
Don't see my eyes
Your heart can't hear me

All alone
In a world so cold
Your warmth won't give me life

Away from pain
Danger fades
A shadow moved to light

But I am you
My touch is lost....I can't reach you
I am you
Though I scream and I cry...I can't get through

Verse II
I'm running fast
Defenses down
But you can't see me

A million miles
Above the ground
Wings don't fail me

I'm mortified
Blinded by
Your unrelenting ways

I'm safe again
I need a friend
Protect me from this rain


I am someone
I can do anything anything I want
I can reach the highest peak
I'm fiercer than the raging seas

But I am you
I am you
I am visible (repeat 5times)
I'm here...
I see you
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