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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
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If you like Hot Sauce on your borrito then you'll love this song, but personally I like sugar better.

All lyrics were written by me and performed by Tim "That Fn Guy", Joey "JoCo" Coco, and myself.

One day at a memorial party for one of my friends, some one came up to me with a bottle of hot sauce that would bring me to my knees. Now, I've been sprayed with mace 3 times (for video), eaten plenty of hot sauce and wasabe, and I've even wiped my ass with a havanero pepper (yeah, I'm a professional stunt man, seriously) so when the guy gave me this bottle I laughed and said "Come on man, I'm sure it's hot, but I could drink this bottle!", So sure enough I grabbed the bottle and drank a quarter of the bottle. Now, I never read the label or even looked at the name, but 3 minutes later I was choking like you wouldn't beleive. The stuff was called "Black Widow" and it's said to be the hottest sauce in the world and I still beleive it! IT HAD A F'N WARNING LABEL!!!! So the next day after I pushed out a hot crap, I wrote this song.
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Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
The Yettis´s musicologist says that MrSafetyProfessional Idiot is an amazing talent that was not appreciated in his age. The bigfoot music professor agrees .His poetry is near Dante in quality and the music arrangement is between Palestrina, Henry Manciny and a pile of pot falling in the ground. After the song , Yettis say that you will eat a lot of burritos with hot sauce and you will see visions of a tabasco sauce following you trhough town. this song is the theme of the tv series "Show me the toilet ".

Tylenol Jones Mixxx
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